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Visitors from Turkey

Visitors from Turkey

Efficient and favourably priced storm and waste water treatment is currently an important issue in Turkey, too. Steinhardt was delighted to welcome specialists from a major Turkish sewage treatment authority to Taunusstein in July 2011. The delegation had travelled to Germany to view Steinhardt solutions at source.

Tuerkische Interessenten mit Dolmetscher bei der Besichtigung der HydroSelf Schwallspuelung

Visitors from Turkey with the Turkish/German interpreter

During their stay the visitors viewed a large number of reference sites where Steinhardt products are already in operation, for example:

The HydroClean® Brush Screen

Der HydroClean Buerstenrechen in Aktion

The treatment of rain and spills from combined water canals in order to safeguard rivers and beaches is of major importance in Turkey so a visit to a water-driven, self-powered brush screen unit topped the list of our Turkish guests’ viewing requests. The unit’s durability and independence from external power impressed the visitors and gave them ideas for its application in Turkey.

Der Buerstenrechen findet ueberall Bewunderung

The HydroSlide® Discharge Regulator

In the older sewers in Turkish cities static pipe throttles are still state of the art. However, requirements for new units increasingly include active discharge regulating elements. As specialist for discharge regulation systems, Steinhardt was able to show the visitors the HydroSlide® product line which has enjoyed success for some decades now.

The HydroSlide® Discharge Regulator throttles rain and polluted water flow to a continuous discharge using a perpendicular Q/h line. This cannot be achieved with vortex throttles, float-controlled slide gates or similar equipment. For those cases where a constant discharge is of minor importance, the advantages and operational features of the less expensive HydroLimiter® and the HydroVortex® vortex throttle were illustrated.

The visitors were impressed by the wide product range of Steinhardt@ Regulators and their applications. In particular, the durability of throttle elements is a key factor in Turkey – this characteristic was demonstrated with success during the on-site visits.

Die Familie der Original-Abflussregler - Steinhardt GmbH

As can be seen above, those of Steinhardt’s products destined for installation in a critically aggressive medium are manufactured exclusively from stainless steel V2A (1.4301) but also, on request, from V4A (1.4571).

The HydroSelf® Round Tank Flush

Die Original-Schwallspuelung in Aktion

The demonstration of the HydroSelf® Round Tank Flush in a rain tank was also part of the visitors’ schedule. The specialists could see for themselves on-site how the polluted tank floor (left) was free of dirt following the radial flushing (middle channel). The radial flushing can be seen in action in the right-hand channel. Clearly demonstrated is the head of the wave clearing the debris and transporting it towards the flushing sump. Following the flushing operation the clean tank floor could be observed.

Die Schwallspuelung, auch Beckenspuelung genannt, reigit Becken und Kanaele sehr effektiv

Steinhardt GmbH can look back on long years of operational experience throughout the world and is optimistic that our Turkish guests’ visit will result in many interesting projects in their country, too.