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Top Technology from Taunusstein

Top Technology from Taunusstein

Report from the Wiesbadener Kurier 6.9.2016 – Original Germany report by Mathias Gubo
Top Technology from Taunusstein
Japanese visitors sign the Golden Book

Japanese businessmen were guests in the Town Hall in Taunusstein to sign the council’s Golden Book yesterday. Motonobu Ito representing the Nippon Koei company, Yukitoshi Iwasa from Tokyo’s municipal waste treatment department and Shin-Ichi Takahashi from BISP Corporation, Yokohama, had attended a conference in Rotterdam with Jörg Steinhardt, owner of the Taunusstein Steinhardt water technology company. At the conference the gentlemen had presented their system of external energy-free removal of floatables for overflows to European scientists and waste water treatment professionals. The system has been developed in Japan and adapted by Steinhardt for the German market, the Taunusstein company now plans to intensify marketing over the whole of Europe.

New technology for waste water treatment

Taunusstein Mayor, Sandro Zehner, wore his official chain for the ceremony and received gifts from the Japanese visitors: a book on the megacity of Tokyo as well as a sculpture representing the values of commitment, bonding and happiness; in Japan a traditional present for weddings or name-giving ceremonies.
The chief of the town hall promised to take the sculpture along to council meetings so that the benefit of the sculpture’s positive energy could take its effect. This pleased the visitors who were also impressed that the Taunusstein Mayor himself attended to the serving of the coffee.

Jörg Steinhardt pointed out the advantages of the new HydroSpin system which operates exclusively on hydraulic forces to separate floating debris from waste water. The Taunusstein authorities have already granted permission for Steinhardt to install and test the system in Seitzenhahn. In the meantime, the equipment has been installed at over 20 sites across Europe, enthused the company owner. “The market is expanding, our system is convincing.“ Reason enough to cement an agreement to continue the existing research project with the Japanese partners, in particular since the HydroSpin system is so much more economic than conventional equipment. Mr. Zehner praised the Steinhardt company’s innovative energy, describing the firm with its 40 employees as a classic German “hidden champion”, a medium-sized company, competing worldwide in its chosen field and enjoying an international reputation. “Intelligent hydraulics is the company’s line of business,” said Jörg Steinhardt. “Each customer receives a unique product as no one sewer channel is like another.”

Signing Taunusstein’s Golden Book: (from left) Mayor Sandro Zehner, Senior Town Councillor Gerhard Wittmeyer, Motonobu lto, Shin-lchi Takahashi, Jörg Steinhardt and Yukitoshi lwasa.

Photograph: RMB/Wolfgang Kühner