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Steinhardt in China

Steinhardt in China

Steinhardt in China with Hessian business delegation

Financial centres Frankfurt and Peking plan closer co-operation – that is the key outcome of the Hessian delegation’s visit to China. Minister Rentsch is accompanied by medium-sized companies who report on varying experiences. The delegation from the State of Hesse led by Florian Rentsch, Minister of Transport and Economics, has brought first results in the shape of an agreement signed by Rentsch and the mayor of the financial district of Peking signalling closer collaboration. Accordingly, the Germans and Chinese are to start a dialogue on risk management and regulation.

r. to l.: J. Steinhardt, Steinhardt GmbH; F. Rentsch, Hessian Secretary of State; Q. Cai, Shenzhen Zhongtou Investment & Command Co. Ltd.; R. Zhu, Steinhardt China (Photo: R. Zhu, Shanghai)

Jörg-Michael Steinhardt, founder and director of the company Steinhardt based in Taunusstein near Wiesbaden, would appear to have got everything right up to now in his business dealings in China. His company specialises in stainless steel sewer management systems and flood protection equipment and he defends the Chinese against accusations. For instance, he considers it pointless to get upset about the Chinese tendency to copy things without obtaining permission and rights – Opel, too, once copied sewing machines. Steinhardt has already installed equipment in Shanghai providing a permanent solution for local water contamination problems caused by uncontrolled rain overflow.  Around half of the annual turnover of Steinhardt’s company with its staff of 45 is earned in exports.

Excerpt from an article which appeared in the FAZ on 22nd October 2012