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Shenzhen delegation visits the Rhine-Main region

Shenzhen delegation visits the Rhine-Main region

A high-ranking delegation from the South Chinese city of Shenzhen visited Germany in search of solutions to problems concerning stormwater treatment and floodwater protection. The group visited operational Steinhardt products onsite – the HydroSelf flushing system for tanks and channels, HydroScreen for stopping the outflow of hygiene articles at discharges, HydroSlide regulators, flood protection barriers and flood gates and HydroBeam stoplogs. The Chinese guests were impressed by the sanitary appearance of the sewer network and expressed the wish for red-brick shafts and sewer tunnels in their country as well. As the brickwork tunnels are so much more durable than those made of concrete, it was not just the equipment technology but also the design and construction of the sewer network which was of great interest to the visitors.

Professor Koester from the University of Hanover and Steinhardt GmbH have already worked together successfully on the research project CLIENT 1 to develop innovative, customised, practice-based stormwater treatment equipment for China. In this case, the HydroClean brush screen and HydroGuard inverted siphon flush came into operation. The professionals from Shenzhen were enthusiastic that the long-life and reliable functionality of stormwater treatment products were the result not just of engineering but also of planning and scientific support. “Made in Germany” is well known in China through the building of the Tsindao canal which has been in successful, trouble-free operation for almost a hundred years. Steinhardt’s products are Designed in Germany, Made in Germany and Certified by German Universities. Professor Koester, University of Hanover, the Shenzhen delegation and Steinhardt GmbH, under the direction of Joerg Steinhardt, agreed to seek funding for an innovative stormwater research project to build a demonstration object in Shenzhen city.