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HydroPass Separating Unit/ Canal separator

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The challenge

Wherever separating units or canal separators are used for small discharges, attention must be paid to the proper mounting of the throttling units and the professional use of the profiling. Unpleasant surprises often occur which mean reworking and high costs.

The way

The HydroPass is supplied by Steinhardt GmbH complete with shaft, mounted parts and developed profiling. It is lowered into the construction by crane on site and is ready to operate after connection to the canal system. Differentiation is made in the separating unit and the canal separator depending on the task.

HydroPass separating unit

The HydroPass separating unit is a small stormwater overflow and is situated in a mixed water canal. The design is in keeping with ATV A.128 e.g. through the local engineer office. The HydroPass separating unit is equipped with a HydroSlide discharge regulator, an emergency diversion, an overflow crest and a baffle plate. According to requirements it may be advisable to install a height adjustable overflow crest and/ or a floating baffle plate.

Round shaft dimensions:

DN 1000, DN1500, DN 2000, DN 2500. Larger or rectangular dimensions on enquiry. Please submit the further discharge Qd, the discharge quantity Qe and the heights of the inlet, outflow and overflow weir.

Canal separator

The HydroPass canal separator is a small construction for the distribution of water quantities. It is used in mixed systems, qualified mixed systems and qualified separating systems. The design depends on the discharges to be separated. The HydroPass canal separator consists of the HydroSlide discharge regulator, an overflow threshold and a baffle plate. If the exactness of the discharge plays a subordinate role, the HydroLimiter, a float-controlled slide, is used. If the retention of floating materials plays a subordinate role, the baffle plate and the ground threshold do not apply.

Typical areas of application for the HydroPass canal separator are e.g.
•    Before separating installations to improve cleaning performance
•    Before filtrations in qualified mix or separating systems
•    In bypass solutions where a partial treatment e.g. of the surface water, runs parallel to the main treatment
Note: The HydroPass canal separator is not suitable for use in separation systems for the transfer of misrouted flows from the stormwater canal into the wastewater canal. In this case, the Hydro-Switch® wastewater switch can be used.

The advantages

Everything from one source
Compact shaft
Completely equipped
Ready profiled
Operational safety
Low investment costs
Low operational costs
Low construction costs
Optional: floating baffle plate
Optional: height adjustable overflow crest
Optional: Automatic for blockage clearance

“Everything from one source”.
The HydroPass as ready-tomount compact shaft–profiled and completely equipped.