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External energy free removal of floatables at overflows

Floatables removal

External energy free removal of floatables at overflows

Overflow events  within  a sewer system can pollute receiving waters with floatables and suspended solids, for  example plastics, papers, sanitary articles. This is evidence of insufficient cleaning of the combined sewage at CSO´s.

hydrotwister dynamic vortex separator compact=

Dynamic Vortex Separator

External Energy-Free Separation
of Coarse, Suspended and Floating Solids
in One Compact Structure

Packaging, plastics, glass and sanitary items pollute our watercourses. These waste items are derived from the dropping of litter and discharges from sewage overflow structures. Litter accumulates on the highway and adjacent ditches which is then washed into the watercourses during rainfall events.

Particle separator for stormwater treatment

Particle Separator

Save costs through effective stormwater treatment in small spaces

Because of tight budgets in municipalities and cities, cost-effective wastewater treatment is in demand. Tanks are improved through optimal inflow in sedimentation and reduced by activating canal volume. Through de-sealing and infiltration of unpolluted surface water the tanks can be even further reduced.

Surfing skimmer and decanter


Surfing skimmer and decanter for industrial and communal process, combined and storm water treatment

Settling tanks are used in the treatment of storm water, combined water and wastewater in industrial as well as communal areas.
They are installed for the protection of environment or for the treatment of industrial water. The best known facilities are oil separators. Settling tanks are specially designed by expert engineers for each application to achieve optimal retention of pollution at low flow rates and calculated maximum flow-rates.