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HydroScreen Typ Wedge Wire Screen Type MECMEX®

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The Challenge

Separate and combined sewer networks are often hydraulically overloaded during heavy rainfall and cannot transport the flow to the wastewater treatment plant. This leads to the discharge of combined wastewater and stormwater at overflow structures in the sewer network. Despite a strong mixing of wastewater with stormwater, sanitary products, paper and synthetics still find their way into receiving waters and the consequent pollution of the river vegetation is clearly visible.

The Way

Overflows can be cleaned with high performance screens in stormwater overflow structures before they pollute receiving waters. Screenings remain in the main sewer where they are transported to the wastewater treatment plant.

The Solution

The HydroScreen Wedge Filter Screen MECMEX® has been specially developed for filtering combined water and effectively retaining all solid matter larger than 6 x 6 mm (approx. 34 % SRV*, WIGAN Test**).

The screen can be installed in fixed position before the existing overflow edge or, if required, by means of a slide-in system for safe maintenance work from the ground.

The HydroScreen MECMEX® is manufactured as half or quarter curve with single or double overflow. It is usually positioned horizontally with the flow from bottom to top.

*SRV = Screening retention value
** National CSO Test Centre at Wigan, England, Test report No TRPM-REP094, 2003

The HydroScreen MECMEX® is hydraulically or electrically powered and continually cleaned by brush skimmers on both sides. Because of the patented 3-dimensional form of the wedge filter screen, hydraulically optimized flows are created. This results in fewer losses and a filter saturation time approx. 10 times longer than that of normal filter screens.

The Advantages

robust, stainless steel
brass/copper/PE bearings
3-dimensional wedge wire
low hydraulic losses
low pressure
higher performance
up to 1500 l/s per unit
modular wedge wire screen system
retrofit, expandable
screen cleaning on both filter sides
electric or hydraulic power
slide-in system for safe maintenance from the ground
approx. 34 % SRV* (WIGAN Test**)
with level-sensor und control
engineers support from the manufacturer
complete with structure