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brush screen

brush screen

Keeps water clean:
Self-cleaning brush screen for CSO’s and SSO’s

During heavy rains overflow spills from combined water canals carry considerable quantities of floating solids and suspended matter into our waters. Do you know the last high water level of your waters? You recognise it from the ‘toilet-paper line’ and the debris left behind, such as paper, synthetic materials and hygiene articles in the vegetation on the river banks.

fine bar screen

Fine Bar Screen Model FSRF

High performance screen protects waters
Overflows are secured River banks stay clean

Even when CSO’s and SSO’s are equipped with scum boards, considerable quantities of floatables and suspended solids still reach the waters. Sanitary articles, toilette paper and synthetics are left caught in the river bank after heavy rain. The waters are biologically and hydraulically “stressed”.

fine bar screen

fine bar screen model FSRB

arc-screen protects waters river banks stay clean

There are thousands of old overflows in sewer networks. When it rains, this is how considerable quantities of pollution, like sanitary articles, paper and synthetics, reach our waters.

wedge wire screen typ mecmex

Wedge Wire Screen Type MECMEX®

Water protection at CS and SS overflows

Separate and combined sewer networks are often hydraulically overloaded during heavy rainfall and cannot transport the flow to the wastewater treatment plant. This leads to the discharge of combined wastewater and stormwater at overflow structures in the sewer network. Despite a strong mixing of wastewater with stormwater, sanitary products, paper and synthetics still find their way into receiving waters and the consequent pollution of the river vegetation is clearly visible.