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News from HydroSpin® …

News from HydroSpin® …

Visit of the Japanese licensors of the product HydroSpin® from 05th until 06th May 2011 at Steinhardt GmbH

Besuch aus Japan

In June 2010 Steinhardt GmbH got the licence from the licencors Nippon Koei Co, Ltd., Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo und Tokyo Metropolitan Sewerage Service Corporation, Tokyo, to market the product HydroSpin® Europe-wide.

Steinhardt GmbH has presented the unique innovation for the Market in Europe at IFAT 2010 for the first time. Meanwhile HydroSpin® has been sold and installed in Europe. The well operating HydroSpin® is an effective and cost-efficient product which avoids sewage debris to spill into receiving waters – baffle plates alone do permit sewage debris to spill into the receiving waters, especially in case of growing or falling water level.

The Japanese licensors visited Steinhardt GmbH from 05th until 06th May 2011 and have asked for experience of Steinhardt GmbH by planning and installing HydroSpin®. The licensors were very interested in feedback of European customers. There was a lively exchange of experience and Steinhardt GmbH was handed a reference letter by Tokyo Metropolitan Government (see photo below).

Lizenzuebergabe HydroSpin

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