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HydroWare Special Construction Designs

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Special Construction Designs

Flat penstock

For openings up to DN 1000 mm. Specially flat in construction, robust stainless steel construction with stainless steel extension as required. Can be dowelled in front of or behind wall openings, both sides sealed. Simple installation, very durable, operationally reliable.
Material: stainless steel, bearings from Cu/Zn alloy, selected resistant ring seal.

Backwater gates

DN 200 to DN 1000 mm
Allows water to flow in one direction. Easily opened and secure in closing due to flexible bearings. Can be dowelled; if required, with DIN.flange.
Material: stainless steel, bearings from Cu/Zn alloy, proven cover sealing.

Flow valve

DN 150 mm to DN 250 mm
For flooding of tanks by high groundwater level as safeguard against floating. With standard wall crests for force-locking and waterproof installation in concrete floor.
Material: stainless steel with emovable lid and replaceable seal
Max. impound:
10.00 m WS (1 bar).
Opening pressure:
0.05 WS (5 mbar)

Float-controlled outlet gate

DN 100 to DN 400 mm
Opens, throttles and closes in- and outflows. Limits the underwater level to a given maximum height e.g. in a pump sump. Can be dowelled.
Max. impound: 5 m WS (0.5 bar).
Material: stainless steel, bearings from Cu/Zn alloy, proven seal.
Fittings: depending on pressure, one or two floats. If required, with DIN-flange.

Baffle plates

Designed for small installation openings Detains floating solids effectively. Attached from above.
Material: stainless steel

Stainless steel crests

adjustable in height – on reques

Special development, construction and production based on submitted plans