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The zig-zag floodwater barrier

The zig-zag floodwater barrier

On 27th March Steinhardt GmbH signed an exclusive license agreement for the marketing and construction of HydroSwizz, an innovative floodwater protection barrier in zig-zag style.

The unique system disperses the forces of the floodwater into the ground using a protection barrier erected in a zig-zag line. All barrier elements are the identical so that the system is simple to erect. Storage of the HydroSwizz system is also optimal as it requires only 10% of the space taken up by conventional stop log systems. Logistics are made easier.

Bolted central supports are unnecessary so the subsoil is not subjected to concentrated loads. An anchoring profile allows the uniform distribution of the system load thus reducing foundation size. The system’s simplicity in handling and its uncomplicated construction elements save time and money.

Our photo shows the signature of the contract; from left to right: Wilfried Vogel, inventor and Managing Director of Swizz Schutzwandsysteme GmbH, Joerg Steinhardt, Managing Director of Steinhardt GmbH and Uwe Maaß, Managing Director of Swizz Schutzwandsysteme GmbH. Wilfried Vogel and Uwe Maaß held leading managerial positions at a manufacturer of specialised profiles. Following their retirement in June 2010 they founded the company Swizz Schutzwandsysteme GmbH in order to advance the marketing of their invention. In 2011 the first SWIZZ mobile flood protection barrier was successfully tested in operation. 2012 and 2013 saw various technical improvements to the system and also the distribution of offers which ultimately led to collaboration with Steinhardt GmbH. The contact between the two companies resulted in the agreement that the product should not just be manufactured by a competent partner but also that future marketing efforts should be placed in “younger hands” with access to a larger distribution network.

Steinhardt GmbH has manufactured stainless steel and aluminium products for rainwater treatment and flood protection since 1981. Initially the equipment for flood water protection was restricted to flood gates. Over the last 10 years Steinhardt GmbH has steadily and successfully expanded the range to include stop logs and such shut-off devices as swinging, pneumatic lift, vertical lift and elevating gates.

For further information on HYDROSWIZZ see our brochure. More on the SWIZZ company at www.swizz-schutzwand.de