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HydroSelf® gate flushing system

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The system

The HydroSelf flushing system uses detained water to flush tanks with an extremely high efficiency.
It operates without any external power and requires no complicated controls. The system flushes floatcontrolled from low storage chambers witch are arranged directly on the floor. It is easy in construction and robust in operation. If electric supply is available, the system  may also be operated using electric controls with a power usage of maximum 0,75 kW.
The HydroSelf flushing wave is a flushing wave with a typical, very high sweeping force.

The functioning

Highly polluted water flows through the prethrottle  to the outlet. Inlet amounts larger than outlet amounts impound starting at the outlet. The floats  are lifted and thus the flushing gates  are locked by an encased, hydraulic transmission. Due to the prethrottle  , income water in the prechamber impounds more quickly than in the remaining retention system. By using backwater gates  water flows early into the storage chamber . Thus a filling of the storage chamber is also guaranteed with a partial filling of the retention system. After each filling – even after partial filling – the flushing gates are unlocked by the falling floats with a lowest water level. This takes place subsequently, as the flushing sump shall remain as small as possible and the pollutants shall not be flushed all together. If the prethrottle is closed, it is possible to flush manually. A single flushing wave is sufficient to flush reliably long tanks and channels even with low storage chambers.

Example of a HydroSelf flushing system in a running through tank


Cleans ecologically, without external power, without external water supply and without complicated controls
Flushes even after partial fillings and manually
No limitation on flushway length, with a single flushing wave
Flexible in adjustment
Suitable for retrofit
No maintenance required
Proven at home and abroad

HydroSelf flushing system keep sewers clean