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CWF® Storm Flush

CWF Spülsystem

CWF Spülsystem Technische Unterlagen CWF Spülsystem

Operating Principle

bild-cwf_flyThe Steinhardt CWF® Storm Flush storm tank cleansing system provides a cost effective solution for the removal of sedimentation by the use of automatic, self regulated fl ushing technology.
With increasing demands upon sewerage networks to attenuate and provide storage capacity for storm water flows, water companies are required to invest into new and existing storage systems. All such systems encourage the settlement of solids and sediments which can lead to operational problems and high maintenance costs. The CWF® Storm Flush system is a highly effective non-powered cleaning system for all storm water retention tanks utilising the sewage storm water for the flushing process thus requiring no additional fresh water.

Operating Principle

The CWF® Storm Flush is a simple method for sediment removal. Storm water is held in reserve in the storage reservoir, fi lled during the tank filling process. At the end of a storm event and after the system has emptied, the retained fl ushing water is released via the vacuum break within the flushing vessel. This creates a RFP (Roughing, Fine and Polishing) staged fl ushing regime which mixes and carries the sediment from the base of the tank to the receiving sump. The simple and robust design of this fl ushing system provides a reliable solution to tank cleansing requirements challenges. The CWF® Storm Flush is engineered in high quality stainless steel providing a long product life, has no moving parts within the storm tank, all necessary valve arrangements are built into a control manifold located in a small manhole chamber at ground level.


  1. Storm Tank empty, CWF® Storm FlushTM empty
  2. Storm Tank fills / CWF® Storm FlushTM fills venting via one way valve
  3. Storm tank empties / CWF® Storm Flush maintains water column via closed vacuum break system
  4. Sump drains, vacuum break releases discharging water column (fully or partially, fl ushing regime dependant)
  5. Storm tank fl oor is fl ushed via RFP fl ushing regime.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Cleans ecologically, without external power, without external water supply and without controls
  • Flushes even after partial fillings
  • Fully self priming and flushing operation
  • Suitable for new tank and existing tank retrofit
  • Suitable for both open and below ground installations
  • No moving parts
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Any shape tank
  • Utilises storm water for the flushing process
  • Retains total volume of storm tank
  • Final flush polishing stage utilizes settled storm water
  • Synchronised flushing of multi unit installations within larger tanks