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CWF® Storm Flush

Cost effective solution for the removal of sedimentation by the use of automatic self regulated flushing technology.


Flushing System

automatic cleaning of tanks and channels

The HydroSelf flushing system uses detained water to flush tanks with an extremely high efficiency.
It operates without any external power and requires no complicated controls. The system flushes floatcontrolled from low storage chambers witch are arranged directly on the floor. It is easy in construction and robust in operation.

Round Tank Flush

Round Tank Flush

Wave flush for circular and small rectangular tanks!

The first radial flush without external power

Most flushing systems available on the market for circular and small rectangular tanks are uneconomical in comparison with the construction costs. These tanks have to be cleaned manually especially when there is no electric power at hand. Circulation power units, which can only be powered electrically, counteract the sedimentation process, for which the tank is designed.

Tipping Bucket

Tipping Bucket

High standard innovative flushing system …

After storage events, stormwater tanks in combined or separate sewer systems have slower flow rates, which lead to heavy sediment deposits on the floor of the tank. These sediments consolidate during the next dry period and are not remobilised. One of the resulting problems is the build-up of biogas. At the next stormwater event, loose sediments can be transported to receiving waters as impact load and cause damage there. It is therefore necessary to clean stormwater tanks after every impound regularly and cost-effectively.

Sewer Flush SH

A clean solution:
Automatic sewer flush – even with very light rain!

If the shear stress is too low, sediments build up in the sewer. The wastewater meanders slower and slower through the sediments. The sediments increase until the wastewater flow is blocked.  When the biogenous processes begin, the sewer stinks.

Canal Flush GS

Continuous channel flushing also under dry weather conditions!

The Steinhardt HydroFlush® Canal Flush GS uses impounded combined water to flush automatically without external power or control technology.

HydroGuard® Mini
Sewer Flushing

Effective Cleaning of Sewage and Surface Water Sewers
Continuous maintenance independent of rainfall events

Deposition of grit and assorted debris occurs within both foul and surface water systems, provides frequent problems for maintenance teams.

Inverted Siphon Flush

Inverted Siphon Flush

Powerful Inverted Siphon Flush prevents sediments

Sewer networks have grown historically. They adapt to local conditions. Deep sewers are expensive and subject to more groundwater infiltration, which is why sewer networks with smaller ground cover are preferred. Inverted siphons of all kinds are used to pass under waters, buildings and roads. All inverted siphons require high maintenance, as they tend to sediments and clogging