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Floodwater protection

HydroSwizz – the zigzag floodwater barrier

Mobile flood protection barrier system

Climate change, global warming and the associated shifts in weather patterns have increased the frequency of high intensity storm events with the consequence of extensive flooding. Large areas of land are now becoming subject to regular inundation with great economic cost to residents and others.

Mobil Flood Protection Barriers

HydroBeam® Mobile Flood Protection Barriers

Leak-tight stop-log flood protection for uneven terrain

Mobile Sewer Safeguard

HydroBeam® Mobile Sewer Safeguard

Mobile laminated stop logs

Working in sewers is dangerous.
All wastewater facilities have to be serviced and inspected regularly. For this, sewer sections have to be dammed, dried out and the water diverted. Overfalls also have to be raised, outlets closed and backwater retained.

Mobile Protection for Properties

HydroBeam® Mobile Protection for Properties

Flood Protection für Buildings an Facilities

The climate is changing. Surfaces are being sealed. Rivers and creeks overflow their banks more often, more quickly and with more destructive power. Industrial production facilities have to be saved such that flood water does not reach them, but also so that hazardous substances do not reach the waters. Fire-fighting water barriers also prevent the run-offs of substances hazardous to water. The protection of possessions and properties as well as the environment has of top priority.

AQUA Roll Bulkhead

HydroBeam® Aqua Roll Bulkhead

Stationary Protection of Properties with the Aqua Roll Bulkhead

Change of climate, river regulation and settlement in natural flood areas increase the danger of flooding – the experts are in agreement on this. But how do we “batten down the hatches”?

Product presently unavailable due to modification work

flood retention basins

HydroLatch® flood retention basins

equipment for flood retention basins

Flood retention basins and polders are complex structures for flood protection. Technical flood protection consists of man-made structures. They again consist of technical equipment.

Flood gates

HydroLatch® Flood gates

Protects sewer networks from flood water

Der Hochwasserschutz ist auch im Untergrund sicherzustellen, damit Hochwässer nicht durch die „Hintertür“, das heißt durch den Kanal, Straßen und Häuser fluten.