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First sewer network workshop in Beijing

First sewer network workshop in Beijing

Das Podium des ersten Pekinger Kanalnetz Workshop - 2011

The city of Beijing and the Beijing drainage Association have organized the first sewer network workshop. The workshop took place at the biggest sewage treatment plant of Peking with 1,2 Mio m³/d. More than 300 participants came to Beijing; among the speakers there were experts of Shen Zheng, the free trade area north of Hong Kong as well as Joerg Steinhardt, who came from Germany and was surely the most widely travelled participant.

Teilnehmer des ersten Pekinger Kanalnetz-Workshops - 2011

The speaker Paul Zhou from Shanghai was giving a lecture on different former techniques of sewer cleaning in Europe and Asia. He arrived at the conclusion that only HydroFlush® and HydroGuard® are able to solve the problems in Chinese sewers cost-efficiently and effectively. Professor Che from the University of civil engineering and architecture in Peking spoke about overloaded and dirty sewer systems in Beijing as well as about the negative and bad influence of such systems on receiving waters. In general it can be said that annual precipitation has decreased from more than 1000 ml/Y in former times onto 400 ml/Y actually. To avoid desertification a lot of plants are planted.

The inaugural speech of the functionary, Mr. Yue Zhang from the ministry of civil engineering and housing, was clearly speaking about the problems caused by inundation, the insufficient cleaned sewers and the not existing hydraulic capacity which lead to environmental pollution. Mr. Yue Zhang asked all participants deeply to work together to solve these problems.

Eindrucksvolle Präsentation auf einer Großbild-Leinwand

Mr. Joerg Steinhardt was speaking about the innovative stainless steel constructions, which clean basins and sewers with flushing as well as about particle separators as HydroMesi® and HydroTwister® for rainwater treatment.

Teilnehmer des ersten Kanalnetz-Workshop in Peking - 2011

With heated discussions at the end of the workshop a further workshop has already been agreed to develop the exchange of experience among the engineers.

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