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Controlling Regulating Limiting

Discharge regulators


The most successful regulator family:
Discharge regulators for all ranges of application

For discharging stormwater, combined water and sewage – in line with modern principles of water management – throttling units with a perpendicular discharge curve are applied which have constant discharge limitations regardless of impounding heights in tanks, backwater channels, surplusing works, sewage treatment plants and settlers.

Combi FlatFlow

HydroSlide Combi & Flat Flow

The universal flow regulators for constant flows
For wet or semi-dry installation

Modern mechanical flow regulators will have to meet higher demands in the future. They will be installed wet as well as dry.

Level controlled discharge regulator


Level controlled discharge regulator for 5 –3.500 l/s

Conventional electric flow regulator systems require expensive flow measuring (e.g. Venturi, MID.) with large shaft constructions.

Discharge regulators


Discharge regulator für 15-3500 l/s

No all canal network sections necessitate intelligent and flexible discharge controls. Measured data and values such as Qab are only necessary in the event of subsequent connections to control stations. The plant engineering must be expandable for subsequent applications. Only robust and durable systems live up to wastewater requirements.

Discharge regulators


Float-controlled penstock