Taunusstein - Germany


Steinhardt InSight

Innovations made of stainless steel

Convincing with waterproof concepts and products

Our core competences cover a wide range, including:

Waste water treatment
Rain water treatment
Sewerage system management
Flood protection
Control technology

For all these areas we produce fully developed products, no matter if series products or contract manufacturing with special developments are required. Our wide range of products covers throttling devices, rinsing plants, separators, weirs, products for sewage technology, fittings and products for control technology and sewage management.

Our production is based on modern laser technology. This guarantees highly precise cuttings of our stainless steel sheets. Our computers are  directly linked with our machines. The design schemes directly reach our production machines in Germany. We distinguish ourselves by “Made  in Germany”, and are supported by a corporate network of about 200 specialists throughout the world.

Service makes the difference

We are well positioned in the market and highly competitive:

Our technicians from construction engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical industry work interdisciplinarily and develop innovative and cost-saving solutions. In terms of investment, by this means cost savings of 90 per cent, in the field of maintenance even 100 per cent are possible.

At the same time our technical sales team consists of different contact persons and offers expert advice, even on site.
Our products are creative and cost-saving. They work without electricity (with water pressure, float technology and water wheel driving) and are  custom made.
In order to keep all plants running smoothly we are working together with local maintenance services which are trained by us and are certified, too. They take care of necessary local, maintenance, repairs and refurbishment. We also offer remote maintenance via internet.
We are distinguished by being involved in numerous research projects of universities at home and abroad, e. g. projects like LASTSPUEL®, Odysseus, or by cooperation in the fields of particle separation with the universities of Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

Our references speak for themselves

Meanwhile, Steinhardt® GmbH Wassertechnik (Steinhardt Water Technology Ltd.) has realized a lot of projects in more than 70 countries worldwide, e. g.:

2010 Expo Shanghai

Today, Shanghai has one of the biggest ports of the world. The old port, situated in the urban area, had become too small and too shallow. The  ccurrence of soiling had to be reduced, too. For this reason, a new, modern deep sea port was built in the estuary of the Yangtze. The area of the old port could be refurbished. So, a green lung with areas for relaxation and parks in the centre of Shanghai has arisen and gives a particular accent to the EXPO 2010. Instead of draining rainwater and waste water into the Yangtze the water is conducted into five big underground basins where it is purified. For the whole underground of the EXPO 2010 Steinhardt® provides a proper and advanced rainwater treatment with valves, non-return valves and purging systems.

HydroM.E.S.I.® Berlin, Wallenbergstraße

The old large filtration plant from the 1930s was constructed in order to clean the water coming from the separation system of the city of Berlin city before being conducted into the Fennsee (1.500 l/s). Grave defects made it necessary to restore it and adapt it to today’s needs. The Berliner Wasserbetriebe decided on the Steinhardt HydroM.E.S.I. lamella filter. Together with the Steinhardt engineers they created one of the most modern rainwater treatment systems in Europe. By using the existing building intelligently and installing innovative measurement and control technology the investment costs for an expensive basin in the urban area of Berlin could be saved. The rainwater purification gives a new prospect to the Fennsee and is considerably improving the water quality.

Future-oriented for about 30 years

Steinhardt® GmbH Wassertechnik (Steinhardt Water Technology Ltd.) has been specialized in wastewater management for about 30 years. At our site in Taunusstein about 45 employees develop creative and unconventional ideas for efficient products and processes. They are innovations, which reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses and are recognized throughout the world.

This success is due to our philosophy: We offer customer-oriented and innovative solutions by using existing resources, e. g. hydropower. We are always a step ahead with our innovations and our research, according to our principle “Save money and save nature”. We provide solutions which are robust, reliable, cost-effective and nearly maintenance-free. For the user this means a high economic benefit.

Consulting architects and engineers, designers, authorities, communities, cities and industry are among the target groups for our environmental treatment plants.They all can rely on the quality of our work, which is constantly high – for a good reason: We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and we have welding certificates. Another reason why we are internationally reknowned is that we have also been honoured with two “ErnstKuntze” prizes, and with the DWA award for inventors. Moreover, we won the “WEF Innovative Technology Award 2007” in the USA. By now we have numerous national and international agencies.